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Get Rid Of Acne

Everyone has suffered from acne at least once in their life. So, we all know how annoying it can be and how much it can interfere with our daily lives. Fortunately, there are options out there! I discussed the medications that can be used for acne in another post (Acne that never goes away), but here we will be talking about the different treatments that you can try that help with acne and acne scars. Let’s dive right into it.

Our first treatment is microneedling. I absolutely love microneedling! Whether you have acne or not it will benefit your skin regardless. What is microneedling? It’s a medical grade machine with a bunch of tiny needles that creates micropunctures into your skin. This causes the fibroblasts in your body to make more collagen, which creates a tighter and more rejuvenated appearance to the skin. This helps with evening out skin tone, which is usually damaged with acne. You may be thinking “Is it safe to use if I have inflamed acne?” The answer is yes! You can use microneedling while you have active pimples and it is ok. You will not be spreading it to the rest of the face. Some providers may not feel comfortable doing so, but I have tried it and think it actually helps calm down inflammatory acne. If the provider doing the treatment uses proper hygiene, then there is nothing to worry about. What about the pain? Numbing cream is always applied before any microneedling procedure. So what about acne scars? Microneedling is my go to, in addition to PDO threads which we will discuss below. The new collagen that is made pushes out the acne scars and helps diminish their appearance. I’ve seen the results and my patients love it.

PDO Threads are another of my favorite. I have used smooth PDO threads on myself and can attest to the difference they make. I also love using them for targeting acne scars on my patients. They work by breaking up the fibrous tissue that causes the skin to indent inwards AND they dissolve overtime, being replaced by new collagen. You can see the results instantly (optimal results in about 6 weeks). I go more into depth about what PDO threads are and the different types in another post (All about threads!). Acne scars are not easy to get rid of. Some people resort to lasers, and risk worsening their skin or getting dark pigmentation. PDO threads are a quick and easy solution, and they are affordable!

Next up is Botox. Botox?! Yes, you heard that right. Granted, this is something you use in combination with other treatments. Botulinum toxin, also known as neuromodulators, is a toxin that comes from a bacterium. Botulinum is popularly used for prevention and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. But Botox also has the added benefit of clearing acne and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. Will it work by itself? Probably not, especially if you have moderate to severe acne, but if you’re going to get Botox anyways then you have porcelain skin to look forward to. The picture below is one of my patients, who did microneedling and then Botox. Look at the difference in her skin! Combining different treatments creates the best results!

Similarly, blue light therapy is another extra you can add to any treatment to help fight acne. It is similar to the red light therapy you see now a days that is used to firm the skin, but this is specifically for acne. The blue light kills the bacterium that commonly causes acne, P. acnes. It is painless and easy. It can be added in with microneedling or stand alone for targeted areas.

As I mentioned before, combining different treatments yields the best results. So what treatment is right for you? That’s where I come in. It really depends on how good or bad your skin is, what your goals are, and the initial evaluation. That is why it is so important to find the right doctor to set up a long-term plan for you and your needs. And remember that treating acne is a process that takes time. We need to set realistic goals and be patient.

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